Pike Grace Brethren Church



Is there a fee for my child to join AWANA?

No. There is no cost to join. Pike GBC has always provided its Awana program (Uniforms, Handbooks, Materials, etc.) free of charge, but there are weekly dues ($1.)

If it's free what are the dues for?

Dues help our church to offset some of the cost of uniforms, handbooks, awards and other materials.

Does my child have to show up every week?

Weekly attendance is highly recommended, but not required.

Although we track attendance, it is NOT necessary for you to inform us if/when your child cannot attend. We understand that things come up, schedules change, people get sick and/or emergencies arise.

What should my child wear for club?

All clubbers are required to wear their official uniform (once they get one).

All clubbers are required to wear sneakers.

All clothes should be comfortable play clothes.

Sparks and T&T kids must wear sneakers in the gym for games, and Cubbies also play running games in the church basement.

If other shoes or boots are worn, please send sneakers so that they can change into them for games.

Note: Wearing uniforms provides a sense of belonging and also helps leaders quickly identify clubbers and where they belong.

New clubbers receive uniforms once they attend club for two (2) consecutive weeks and complete any applicable Start Zone (entrance) booklet for their club/year in the program.

What should my child bring to AWANA?

At a minimum, their AWANA Handbook and Dues.

They can also bring a bible, but bibles are not required.

Clubbers can also invite and bring their friends to AWANA.

Is there anything my child should not bring to AWANA?

Since young children are easily distracted we ask that clubbers NOT bring items such as:

  • Sippy Cups or Water Bottles
  • Pokemon or other types of trading cards
  • Legos, Matchbox cars or any other small toys or games, or books(e.g. story books, school books)
  • Electronic Devices such as iPods, iPad, or similar items
Can I stay with my child?

Only if you possess valid Volunteer Clearances.

However, for young children (especially Puggles/Cubbies) we understand they may be uncomfortable staying without mom or dad.

If necessary, parents may stay the first week or so until your child gets acclimated.

However, if a parent needs to stay every week, then Volunteer Clearances are required!

PA State Law requires all volunteers working with children to obtain the following three clearances:

  1. PA State Police Background Check
  2. ChildLine Child History Abuse Check
  3. FBI Fingerprint Check†

†Alternatively, our church has a affidavit you can fill out & sign in lieu of getting fingerprinted.

Please call our church office (749-8721) for more information.

You must give a copy of clearances to the church office before you can stay.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Our church follows the Central Cambria School District’s schedule.

– If Central CLOSES OR DISMISSES EARLY on a Wednesday, AWANA is automatically canceled for that night.

– There is no make up date for canceled club nights.

– If there is ONLY a 2-hour delay, AWANA will still go on as normal.

Use your best judgement for attendance if the weather is questionable where you live.

What if my child forgot/lost their AWANA book or uniform?

If your child forgets to bring their handbook to club, we can let them use a loaner book for that night only.

If they forget to wear their uniform, it’s no big deal.

However, no shares will be given to Sparks or T&T when handbooks are forgotten or uniforms are not worn.

If a handbook or uniform is lost:

We will provide a one time only free replacement for a lost AWANA handbook.

Additional lost handbooks would be replaced at a cost to the parent.  Handbook prices are as follows:

  • Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T Handbooks- $11 plus shipping
  • Puggles Coloring and Activity Books- $5 plus shipping

Any lost uniform will be replaced at a cost to the parent.  Uniform prices are as follows:

  • Puggles, Cubbies, and Sparks uniforms- $11 plus shipping
  • T&T uniforms- $17 plus shipping

Any lost uniform patch, pin, or jewel will be replaced at a cost to the parent. Prices vary.