Keep On Doing A Little

What’s on your “To-Do List” this summer? What have you been asked to do? What do you want to do? What has been planned? I’m sure with everything going on with COVID-19 some plans have been cancelled, changed, or adjusted. In some cases, you may have more free time than you did before. How do you plan to fill that time? We all have a God-given responsibility in how we use our time (Eph. 5:16). He calls for us to spend our moments wisely (Eph. 5:15) doing the things that matter to Him (Eph. 5:10).

There may be good things on our lists but we must examine if these things are best. There may be matters or activities that we feel are pressing but will these things last into eternity (1 John 2:17)? What will have any lasting impact or mark one-hundred-thousand years from today? Yes, that is a worthwhile thought because we will all be somewhere in that time to come and what we do today matters in light of that. It is important that we don’t take our time lightly or focus all of our efforts on what is temporary. Now, I realize that examining these things and thinking through questions like these may lead you to recognize spiritual necessities in your life that have been missing, that you’ve grown lax in, or that you could improve on. Considering these things, how much of your time is dedicated to communion with the Lord? Have you shared Christ with someone recently? What Scripture have you read today? Now before you get too overwhelmed at all that hasn’t been done and could be, listen to this word of advice from Charles Spurgeon. He said, “The way to do a great deal is to keep on doing a little. The way to do nothing at all is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.”

Instead of spiraling at the thoughts of all you could do and instead of getting stuck in a routine of putting off a great deal for another day, in the words of Spurgeon, “…keep on doing a little.” Commit to one small thing today that matters to the Lord and continue to trust Him in the process of your sanctification. He is at work in and through you for your holiness and His glory. Pursue Him in one little thing at a time.  

                                                                                                         Striving To Do A Little, Pastor Rudy