He Knows What You Need

Our kids, like most, are really good at telling us what they need. They have no problem letting us know whether it’s a snack, a break, or a shiny new object. Where there is a problem though, is in actually knowing what they need. This where my wife and I, as their parents, have to step in to help them see what really is or is not a need. There even are times that we have to tell them what they need because they can’t see it for themselves.

Well, kids aren’t the only ones who need this kind of intervention. We need it too. We love to tell God what we need, sometimes over and over again. Like children, we make demands and are quick to point out where God should fill into our lives or what He should fit in but in the midst of this I believe that there is something that we forget. I know, at least that I do. We forget the truth of Matthew 6:8. We have a Father in heaven who knows what we need before we even ask Him and the truth is He knows what we need far better than we do.

One thing that almost every kid is convinced they absolutely don’t need is a nap, right? Yet 9 times out of 10 – as the parent who watches over them, knows them, and wants what is best for them – you know that’s exactly what they do need. So, we lead them in that way because we love them. There are times our Father in heaven might lead us in the opposite direction of what we feel or think we need but it’s because He really knows what we need, He watches over us, and He is leading to what is best for us. I have stopped myself many times recently in demanding-type prayers with the truth, “…but You, Father, know what I need more than I do.” It is certainly good and right to lay our cares before the Lord and make our needs known to Him. This is what He tells us to do but at the same time we must trust the truth that He knows what we need far better than we do and He is at work to meet that need to His glory! In that, we also need the willingness to follow where He leads. I’m so thankful to know a Father who knows me best and has what is best for me in Christ!

Give Your Needs To Him, Pastor Rudy