Finding All We Need At Ground Zero

Finding All We Need At Ground Zero

This month we remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I’m sure you can probably pinpoint the time and place you heard the news that shocked our nation. Just a couple of years ago, Lindsey and I walked the path of the plane that went down just miles from our little corner. This was a sobering experience to see the list of names and rehearse the wreckage that took place. New York City has recently opened a museum with artifacts, anecdotes, and artwork honoring that day in history.

Recently, I heard a radio program discussing the details of this museum, the heroism of men and women, and the great devastation left in the aftermath. In life we may have to face our own “ground zero.” Our world may come crumbling down with the death of a loved one, the falling out of a

relationship, or the loss of things we have held most dear but whatever we may come to or whatever may fall around us, know that there is still one thing which remains.

Jesus did not promise His disciples an easy road. He instructed them that in this life they would have trouble (John 16:33). He is clear that through many trials and tribulation His followers reach the kingdom (Acts 14:22). Despite this bumpy road, Jesus has given us the assurance that He has

overcome all of it. There are times that Jesus strips His disciples of all of their earthly possessions just to teach them that He is enough (Matt. 10:8-10). Jesus tells His disciples that their relationships may be broken (Matt. 10:34-38) and He, Himself, even weeps over the reality of death on this earth (John 11:35). Whether it is poverty, severed ties, or death Jesus has overcome all of those things in His death and resurrection. He has shown Himself worthy and enough through countless trials of life but we must be able to see that. Jesus took His closest disciples with Him on a mountain because He wanted them to experience His glory. It was at this place that they were brought face to face with the glory of Christ and the Old Testament Saints, Moses and Elijah. Peter was ecstatic about this

experience so much so that he wanted to set up camp in that very spot. However, all in a moment the Scripture says that everything disappeared. Everything surrounding them was gone and we read, “All at once they looked around and saw no one with them anymore, except Jesus alone (Mark 9:8).” In that moment when we experience the sting of loss, when there is no one surrounding us anymore, or when our world disappears there is a burning question. Is Jesus enough? The way you answer that question will show whether Christ is your life or merely an addition to your life.

When the debris settled on September 11th there were many who were amazed to see what

remained. There, in the midst of the sorrow and rubble, stood a steel cross. Many gathered around this cross to find hope and peace in the midst of the great pain and uncertainty that overwhelmed them. The Lord may bring us to a “ground zero” experience. We may feel the weight of sadness. Death may surround us. Sorrow may come near. Friends may betray us. Treasures may be lost. It is in these moments one thing remains constant; the cross of Jesus Christ. When our world falls apart there is always the cross. It is at this cross that Jesus overcame all death and misery. It is at the cross that we find life, hope, and the strength to press on to Jesus. Although we may lose everything on this earth we gain Christ and the glory of heaven on the other side because of the cross. Praise God for His provision! Praise Him that He gave His Son that we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death but surely GOODNESS and MERCY will follow us forevermore because of what Christ has

accomplished at that cross. Let Jesus be enough!


Striving With You, Pastor Rudy