Glory In January

Glory In January

January can often be a dismal period in the calendar year. We are coming off the festivities and celebrations of Christmas. The bells and whistles of the New Year quickly fade and we are left in the dead of winter. The days seem darker and the air much colder. Depression often accompanies January. Loneliness and lies creep in leading to despair. Routines of ice scraping and long days cause us to question if there is any positive to life. It is in these days that we need the joy of our salvation restored to us (Ps. 51:12). We need our eyes refreshed to see the grace surrounding us. Each moment brings an opportunity for praise but we can often miss those moments amidst the noise of ourselves.

I have the annoying tendency to be oblivious. There have been many times I have missed friendly waves in crowds or a greeting on the street because I have been in my own little world. I have even missed people standing right beside me…nudging me! If I have failed to respond to you in a public setting, I deeply apologize. There’s no excuse. As I thought about this poor quality I began to realize that I can be pretty self-absorbed. I often find myself wrapped up in my own plans, agendas, thoughts, or missions that I miss what is right around me. The only reason I don’t see is because I’m too wrapped up in me. I am not only missing people but I believe I am also missing blessings. The Bible instructs us that God brings the rain, the snowfall (Is. 55:10), our food (Zech. 10:1), and a list of other things we tend to take for granted. Paul instructs us in Romans 11:36, “For from Him, through Him, and to Him are all things to Him be the glory.” Paul is clear when He says ALL THINGS come from God. Think of the many things we miss on a daily basis because we check them off as mundane, routine, or we are just too self-absorbed to see them at all. God has a purpose for these things He sends our way, His glory. The Lord sets little reminders in the shoveling of snow, little details in our daily drives, and graces in the countless chores of Himself. He desires to display His glory in all things. This means that there are opportunities to praise sprinkled about our day. When things are going wrong or when things are just plain boring there are always moments to sing God’s glory. To see these glories won’t be an easy task. It will require refocusing our lenses off of our self-setting and onto Him. It will require the Lord to do a work on the eyes of our hearts (Eph. 1:18, 2 Cor. 4:6).

About two years ago there was a January I felt like I was wasting away. I found myself full of complaints and just tired. I was missing the opportunities God had given me to sing. I was missing the facts that I was alive and His by the blood of Jesus Christ. The Lord convicted me and opened my eyes to these things, upon which I wrote down the following words. I share them with you today to stir you to see His design for the day. He has purposed that this day, even a January day, has been given from Him, the means to get through it will come through Him, and the glory is going to get back to Him. Choose for that glory to come from you. Choose to see His grace and blessing in this winter day.

“I do not want an empty soul
I do not want a lifeless goal
What I need are eyes to see
Daily wonders all from Thee
Given all for worship and praise
To act as wind in these sails to raise
Up, to higher ground where I long to tread
And a wasted life no more to dread”

To God Be The Glory For The Daily Wonders He Has Done, Pastor Rudy