Books On God’s Providence

Books On God’s Providence

This month for my Pike’s Peek article I’d like to do something different and make some book recommendations. Each of these books are on the truth of the Providence of God. What an encouraging and profound truth for believers that is needed today, as we navigate our world with the darkness and difficulties therein! Currently, we are unfolding this truth of God’s Providence as we work through the book of Esther on Sunday mornings. From what we have seen so far and what we find elsewhere in God’s Word, there is great reason to trust the Lord in the events that come to pass in our lives because nothing happens except through Him and by His will (Rom. 11:36, Eph. 2:11-12). Some wonderful books to help aid you in your own study and understanding of this truth are:

“The Mystery Of Providence” by John Flavel

It may sound a little daunting to pick up a book written in the 1600’s by a Puritan. You might also wonder what on earth someone from that time could offer someone who lives in the 21st Century. Well, God’s truth is timeless. It is the same for all people in all times and all places. In this book what you will find is that the dates may have changed but many of the struggles and questions remain the same in today’s world. John Flavel is able to write with the heart of a Pastor in both a refreshing and challenging way to focus our minds on the truth that everything in the world, right down to the tiniest detail, is ordered by the Providence of God. In this work he lays out evidence for God’s Providence, ways that we might consider this truth, and what this all practically means for our lives as believers. This book is worth the challenge of picking up and working through.

“Mysterious Ways” by David Kingdon

Like the first book, this work is a series of sermons that was put together by a Pastor into book form. In this book, Kingdon works through the words of William Cowper’s hymn (“God Moves In A Mysterious Way”) and the truth of God’s Providence as seen in the life of Joseph. Unlike the first book, this is a simple read. The chapters are short but like the first book, the truth it contains is rich, profound, and encouraging for any believer that is walking through seasons of uncertainty, difficulty, or hardship. It is good for us to see and be reminded of God’s Providential hand involved in all seasons and areas of our lives. God is good, He is wise, and He is faithful, working all things to His end.

“The Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment” by Jeremiah Burroughs

Although this book is not mainly on Providence, Burroughs weaves this truth through its pages as he discusses the necessity and value of contentment in the Christian life. When we learn to see God’s Providence at work in what comes to pass we can learn to be content receiving whatever we have and whatever may be as from our Heavenly Father’s hand, for our good. 

                                                        Looking To God’s Word And Truth One Day At A Time, Pastor Rudy